Summer plans are creeping closer. Are you ready for your Topsail Island vacation?

As locals, we understand that when the Tourist Season hits in May, it hits hard! Hwy 210 suddenly goes from a desolate two lane road to nonstop bumper to bumper traffic in a matter of 24 hours. As locals, we recommend giving yourself at least 20 extra minutes driving time if you have to meet someone.  Sorry but it’s the price you pay for visiting paradise.

As locals, we understand that our time for eating out is also limited during Tourist Season. Usually the month of May brings an end of “Winter Relaxation” for us in the Service Industry. Not that we mind at all but, we definitely go out with a full belly and aching cheek muscles in the celebration. Last night was our “End of Winter Relaxation Celebration”.

Crab Pot 5-19-16

As locals, we understand that when you come to Topsail Island you want to leave with memories that will be talked about for months. After all, those memories are exactly why you vacation here! An awesome seafood meal is exactly a memory you need to remember. We began our Summer Season with a trip to the Crab Pot in Surf City.  This family style adventure is located on the Causeway in Surf City on Route 50. You can’t miss the sign on the left after the Surf City Swing Bridge. The menu varies from soup/salad to kid’s meals to family style seafood steamers. (As you can tell from the picture we usually order crab legs and oysters.) The staff is always friendly and know exactly what to suggest if you need help. As a local, we suggest you give yourself plenty of time to visit, eat and enjoy the atmosphere. If you feel sorry for the rest of the family members that couldn’t join you on vacation make sure you wave to them on the webcam while you’re there!


As locals, we recommend wherever you visit during your vacation on Topsail Island… just be careful and have fun!

Have a great Summer 2016 and be sure and let us know when you visit. We are on FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter.