So today is Day 2… How many more days do we have of this situation? I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. After all, I do have a beautiful view and a fantastic sound as the surf hits the sand. So enough of the pity-party!

This morning was actually sunny, a little coo~lish on the beach but on my back deck it was 68 degrees. I definitely can’t argue with that, huh? Especially at 7:30 a.m. at the end of March. There were a few beach walkers. Most of them had their phones out taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. It is quite odd that I only see a handful of people instead of the normal large groups of families building sandcastles, flying kites and body surfing in the waves during this time. I do relish being able to take the time and admire the little things in life though.

As the day progressed into afternoon I was able to work with my business partner on a new project. Lucky for me, he’s smart. Lucky for him, I’m patient. The project will be something for me to focus on for the next thirty (30) days. After all, one can’t spend all day strolling along the beach, right?

Does anyone else use technology to talk to their family? Our Beach Baby called to this afternoon. She was upset because she isn’t allowed to go outside and play with her neighbor friends. I would truly like for any suggestions on how to explain to a five (5) year old that she can’t play with her friends unless the process involves talking through a fence.
Any suggestions? Anyone….. Anyone…. (crickets chirping)

Well while we are waiting, I’m going to share with the view from my back deck. I hope this will lift your spirits and help you to remember the awesome things that await you if….. we all #stayhome