Return/Refund Policy


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Hurricane Policy: There will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN BECAUSE OF MANDATORY EVACUATIONS RELATED TO HURRICANES. You are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to cover this possibility. If state or local authorities order a mandatory evacuation of an area that includes the Premises, Guest must comply with that order. Guest shall not be entitled to any refunds if they did not purchase vacation investment insurance. Guest that purchased insurance shall file a claim with that company for reimbursement.

Grills: Grilling is not permitted on decks, walkways, porches, in garages or carports, near siding or under the house. Please use the driveway or designated area for grilling out. If a grill is rented, Guest is responsible for dumping the cooled ashes and thoroughly cleaning grill upon departure.

Sand Dunes: Please do not walk, play or litter on our sand dunes. The dunes are our only line of protection to our island. There are fines and ordinances against dune destruction in Surf City, Topsail Beach and North Topsail Beach.